With deep roots in early Canadiana, our love for the outdoors and farming has been passed down through the generations. At INN THE PINES, we embrace and celebrate the traditional farm life that has been slowly and sadly disappearing from our culture.

Balanced farm practices – from growing naturally good food to raising our hens the old fashioned way – is very important to us. We are so grateful to live in such a beautiful place and our desire is to share it with our friends and neighbours by providing the freshest, highest quality produce we can.

Whether you’re interested in a head of lettuce hand-picked for you while you wait or that morning’s fresh eggs, it is our goal to make INN THE PINES your first destination for healthy, tasty produce grown without pesticides or chemicals that is neither packed nor shipped but still warm from the sun-baked earth when you arrive at our market stand.

From farm to table in one day. There’s nothing better than that.


About Cheryl and Barney Barnes

“Cheryl and Barney Barnes are just about the cutest couple in the world. Always cheerful and full of interesting facts about farm life, Canadian culture and where to buy the best gum rubber boots (the UK), Cheryl and Barney make INN THE PINES an experience you will never forget.

Cheryl is full of energy and always ready with a hilarious comment, joke or story. Barney, forever clad in a pair of overalls, tries to convince you he’s just a simple, down-to-earth farmer… who owns eight tractors. And he’ll talk your ear off about all of them, let me tell you.


With nearly a hundred chickens, five dogs and a cat, INN THE PINES is a veritable circus of colour, life and good cheer. I can guarantee you that a quick stop for some eggs and tomatoes is something that just isn’t possible when visiting INN THE PINES.

I’m looking forward to a grand new growing season and I am so thrilled to be working with such a kind and unique couple.

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