How do the chickens find their way back to the coop at night if they’re loose on the farm?

Just like when we were kids. When the street lights came on we knew we had to be in the house!

Does anything ever get your chickens?

Yes! Raccoons, coyotes, hawks and owls are all predators that like a good chicken dinner. We lose about 25 hens per year.

Is there sugar in this jam?

Yes, quite a lot of sugar is used. Sugar is important if you want good, old fashioned jam.

Is the fruit sprayed?

Yes, almost all the fruit is sprayed. It is also graded and washed before being packed in baskets. We buy only Canada #1 grade fruit.

What does “Farm to your table” and “100 mile diet” mean?

“Farm to your table” and “100 mile diet” are terms coined in the last few years by people who want to see changes made to their environment and community. If produce is grown and eaten locally, there is no need to ship, which means the best hours of the life of your produce won’t be spent in a dark truck on the highway, surrounded by exhaust fumes, which damage the environment. This also means most food is far less expensive because there is no “middle man” to compensate for packing or shipping. You can read more about this movement on Wikipedia or

When does (fruit/vegetable) come into season?

To check for availability, please visit The Ontario Availability Guide.

Do you spray your vegetables?

No, we do not spray anything grown on the farm. We prefer to grow our produce naturally without the use of pesticides.

What’s with the tractors?

Barney likes to collect market garden tractors from the forties and fifties. One of Barney’s favorite tractors is the 1949 Allis Chalmers G. We also have a Massey Harris Pony, a John Deere M and Case VA. Visit our photo page to see some pictures of the tractors!

Do you offer menu planning?

Cheryl’s passion is food and cooking. While we do not offer recipes at the stand, Cheryl makes it a point to organize the bench each day in a way that allows her customers to see everything to create a fresh, healthy, delicious meal.

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